“The human heart yearns for contact… above all it yearns for genuine dialogue… Each of us secretly and desperately yearns to be met – to be recognized in our uniqueness, our fullness and our vulnerability” – Hycner and Jacobs

How Support Matters can help you

As human beings we face daily challenges. Many people are struggling with issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, poor self esteem, addictions, painful relationships, lack of intimacy or trying to cope with the long term effects of overwhelming experiences in childhood. You may be feeling isolated and alone and looking for the right support to help get you through a difficult time

Support Matters can help you with any of the abovementioned issues and we also specialise in Trauma Counselling.

There is help available so that you can live with less emotional pain. Support Matters Counselling & Psychotherapy provides the help and support you may need through the following services:

What I can offer you as a Counsellor & Therapist

I have been in private practice since 1999 and have years of experience working with clients from all walks of life, diverse age groups and cultural backgrounds.

When working work with you my approach is holistic. What does this mean? I work with you from a mind-body-spirit perspective. I believe that a great deal of healing can occur by providing a safe space for my clients. I provide a solid, consistent, compassionate therapeutic alliance that allows people to fully heal. This is known as Relational Therapy.

I don’t apply formula based counselling and my experience does not come only from a text book. I treat you as an individual and strive to ensure that I meet your specific needs and address your concerns.


“My life has never been better than it is, today. In the last two years, you have worked alongside me to calm my mind and heal my heart” – MS

“As a sole parent with very limited support, I have found my sessions with Jackie a God send. She is fully present to your needs where ever you are at while exuding compassion and empathy” – KA