Individual Counselling

Support Matters Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy adopts a holistic approach in helping clients to mend painful areas of their life. Holistic Counselling is an alternative form of psychotherapy that focuses on the “whole self” – working with your body, mind, health, emotion and spirit.

Holistic Counselling helps to facilitate personal healing, a greater sense of meaning, life direction and purpose. The goal is growth of the whole person.

Over the years of working as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist I’ve come to understand the greatest way to help clients work through the challenges they face in life and move forward is through a process of gentleness, support and encouragement.

Do you struggle with life’s everyday situations and challenges? Are your relationships causing you pain? Do you often feel that life is just too hard and too painful? Are you trying to cope with depression, anxiety, stress and overwhelming experiences? Are you trying to heal from experiences of childhood trauma and abuse? Do you ever feel like just giving up?

Holistic Counselling offers you new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving as well as:

  • A deeper understanding of yourself
  • Greater self-esteem
  • Emotional healing
  • A deeper understanding of your emotions, behaviours and experiences in life
  • Greater awareness and a higher level of consciousness
  • Development of interpersonal skills
  • New ways of relating to yourself and others
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Empowering ways to deal with everyday life challenges
  • Helping you cope with loss and grief
  • Coping with Depression
  • Healing from Trauma and Abuse
  • Dealing with Sexuality Issues
  • Validation for your experiences
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