Why therapy and not medication?

The thought of being able to solve your problems with taking a pill each day can be very appealing. If only it was that easy! Emotional and mental health problems have multiple causes, and medication is not a one-stop cure.

Medication may help ease certain symptoms, and for certain mental health conditions and disorders medication is essential. However, medication does have side effects and careful consideration should be taken when undergoing a course of medication.

Furthermore, medication does not solve the “big picture”. Medication can’t fix your relationships or help you to figure out what to do with your life or give you insight into why you continue to do things that may be self-destructive.

Therapy can be time consuming and challenging, as uncomfortable emotions and thoughts often arise as part of the treatment process. However, therapy provides long-lasting benefits that go beyond symptom relief. Therapy gives you the tools for transforming your life—for relating better to others, building the life you want for yourself, and coping with whatever curveballs come your way.



Myths about therapy